Alec Stone

We understand that Alec Stone  passed away in his sleep last Thursday, 9 February 2023.  The UKWA offers their sincere condolences to his daughter Jane, family and friends at this sad time.

Alec was a real character and a good sailor being at the front of the Wayfarer and Solo classes even though he never learnt to swim. He was a wooden Wayfarer builder and built many class boats including Salcombe Yawls and Solo dinghies.  He represented a developmental stage in the history of sailing and the building of the Wayfarer.

Alec was the first person to win the National Championship in a GRP boat, “Cornish Mustard” sail number W2888. The name of his boat and the yellow decks is an indication of the sense of humour he had.

Alec made a true contribution to the success of the Wayfarer class.