AGM update from John Mellor


When I addressed the membership at the AGM I said I would keep everyone informed with what we were doing so here is the first instalment.

At the AGM it was noted that membership numbers are down compared to last year but financially we are where we expected to be.

The new web site is up and running and more of the site will be made available to non-members in a move to encourage them to join.

On the international front The 2012 cruising rally in Sweden was very successful with 34 boats from 16 countries. This year’s International Rally would be in Canada, 26 July – 2 August, ahead of the International Championships.  Boats could be provided by CWA members, and members were encouraged to contact Ralph Roberts if interested.  The French Connection rally, from Dover to Calais will be taking place this year.  This will be for advanced sailors with proven abilities.

Michael McKechnie (MM) Racing Secretary, reported that the Internationals in Canada this year dominated the programme, with other events spread evenly before and after it. The first National Circuit event was at Waldringfield, and the Nationals at Parkstone.  The full programme was as published in the Spring magazine.  Mike retired from the post of racing secretary this year.  He has done a superb job and we thank him for all his efforts. His organisation of the 2010 internationals in Weymouth were unsurpassed and I am pleased to announce he is aiming to repeat the format in 2014.

Jeremy Norman (JN) reported that 2012 had been a very successful year, with some great cruises.  The 2013 programme was as published in the Spring magazine. Jeremy attended the handover of Frank Dye’s house to the Wells-next-the-Sea Housing Association, as bequeathed by Frank.  Frank’s video was shown and this would be shown again at the Cruising Conference at the end of this March. Jeremy is looking for someone to act as Cruising Log Librarian: After looking after our cruising logs for many years, Anne and Dennis Kell had recently handed them over to RMR, until a new librarian could be found.  If any members were interested in looking after these, please contact JN.  Wayfarer Tents: RMR was looking to hand the care of these over to another member and again, if anyone was willing to take this on, please contact him or JN.

There were three rule change proposals this year which were all passed.  The effects of these rule  changes are that the measurement process remains the same and buoyancy testing for measurement is still required but buoyancy certificates do not need updating.  Owners still have to ensure their boats comply with the buoyancy requirements but now the onus of responsibility is placed with the owner.  Twin spinnaker poles are now regularised and you will not be protested if you have a twin pole system.  Electronic instruments will be restricted to compass heading and changes thereof, timing, sound and vision recording is also permitted.  If a piece of equipment is capable of more than this it is banned.  Further clarification is being sought from the WIC and will be posted as soon as we hear.

Areas of Focus for 2013 are working to increase membership and improving communication with the membership.

Presentation of Trophies this year were: The Frank Dye Viking Long ship Trophy. This trophy had originally been donated by Frank Dye and re-named in his memory, 2011.  It was awarded this year, for the best cruising log received during the year, by last year’s winners, Matt Sharman and Octavia Heath, to Mark Foreman and his 7 year old daughter, Mia. Piers Plowman Trophy: This was also awarded by last year’s winner, Brendan McClintock, for the best cruising article published in last years’ Wayfarer News to Jonathan Jenkins. Golden Bucket Trophy: for services to cruising: originally donated, and made by Ralph Roberts himself, Jeremy Norman was delighted to award this to Ian Platts, for his support of the Class.  Racing Trophies: The Neil Rushton Trophy for most improved, was awarded to Guy Marks and his son, Thomas. Ian Proctor Memorial Trophy: for outstanding services to Wayfaring. Awarded by Liam McGrath.  The winner of this year’s award had, over the last couple of years, made an exceptional and hugely time consuming commitment to the Class in bringing us our new website: John Dighton.

John Mellor – Chairman