Over the decades since its design the Wayfarer has undergone a number of changes, so that whilst the basic shape remains the same there are several distinct marks of Wayfarer (Mk1, Mk2 etc), and even variations within each of these.

To help to explain these variants UKWA has published a leaflet showing the principal differences, linked via the adjacent thumbnail image.

The leaflet also gives a summary of sail numbers and the years in which they were issued. (A more detailed table of these is shown below).

Wayfarer Age Synopsis:

Wayfarer sail numbers now exceed 11,000, and happily there are many early-numbered boats still sailing. It can be interesting to discover the age of a boat, although bear in mind that occasionally the sail number and hull don’t match, for example, sailing schools sometimes give their boats sequential easy-to-remember sail numbers, (1, 2, 3 etc). With that caveat, here is a detailed age synopsis from 1958 to 2016:-

YearSail Number YearSail Number YearSail Number
19691778-221819898681-8828200910592-10673 *
19702219-271419908829-9018201010671-10772 *
19712715-298419919019-9162n/a* this apparent error is due to the
sail numbers being allocated out of sequence
19743874-441319949434-9563201511055 - 11107
19754414-485219959564-96792016 - 202011108 - 11334
19764853-543119969680-9749202111335 - 11378
19775432-610119979750-9870202211378 -

Introduction of each Mark of Wayfarer:

Finally, here are the sail numbers of the earliest recorded examples of the various Marks:-

  • First measured GRP Mk1 was 1077
  • Latest measured GRP Mk1 was 4130
  • Earliest Mk2 GRP was 3907
  • Earliest Mk3 (N. America only) recorded was 7579
  • Earliest SD recorded was 8011
  • Earliest Mk1A recorded was 8498
  • Earliest +S recorded was 9022
  • Last recorded wooden boat was 9558
  • First Wayfarer World was 9821
  • First MkIV Wayfarer was 10506