AGM Papers for the 57th UKWA AGM on Saturday 28 February 2015

Here is the material relating to our AGM to be held on Saturday February 28th, in accordance with our rules on notice.

We have in the past included this material in our Spring magazine, but this has led to compromises on the magazine in terms of timing and copy which we now wish to avoid. We apologise for this but the alternative of sending out the AGM papers alone is prohibitively expensive.

Paper copies of the material will be available to those attending the AGM in person. 

You may also request a paper copy by sending an A4 SAE to our secretary Sarah Burgess, UKWA, PO Box 10687, Colchester CO5 8XJ.



Please click on the following links for this year’s UKWA AGM Papers

AGM Agenda 2015

Proposed change to the constitution for communication with members 2015

excom nominations and CVs 2015

AGM Finance Report January 8 2015

reply slip for Postal Votes 2015

2015 Sub Renewal Form