2016 Subs due 1 April 2016

To continue to receive the monthly eNewsletter , our full colour Wayfarer News and a warm invitation to join in our sailing events; training, cruising or racing  – or a combination of all three, please be sure to renew your subscription beginning of April 2016.  Just a few of our benefits of membership.

This can be done via the shop on our website here:



or you can set up a bankers order.     To do so please complete and return this form to your BANK so that they may set it up for you   2016 Sub Renewal Form 7-4-16

If you chose to make an electronic transfer, please ensure the payment is in your own name and your boat number clearly as reference.

Alternatively, you can print off the renewal form above, and send with a cheque, payable to UKWA, to the Secretary, UKWA, PO Box 10687, Colchester CO5 8XJ