2014 Wayfarer European Championships – Information on the event

2014 Wayfarer European Championships – Information on the event

Calling all European Wayfarers,

The 2014 Wayfarer European Championships will take place next summer in the WPNSA Olympic sailing venue in Weymouth ( Portland Island). This is the same venue as the 2010 International Championships and it promises to be another great event with entries from throughout Europe.

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To hold an event at WPNSA in the wake of the Olympics has become quite expensive but we are working on a few sponsorship ideas to try and keep the costs down.

The entry fee is £180 but we have secured a deal with Hartley Boats to support an early entry fee of just £98 gold/silver and £70 bronze fleet for entries received by the end of the dinghy show March 3rd next.   

In support of the Wayfarer class and to help to make this a truly European event, Hartley Boats have also agreed to help overseas entrants who come to this event.  Everyone travelling from Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden or any place other than from England, Scotland or Wales has the opportunity to pay less for their entry under a special sponsorship deal for overseas participants:   

For every participant that enters from a given country Hartley Boats will pay £10 off the entry fee of each of the entries from the same country; meaning the more who enter from the same country the less each will pay to enter;

1 entry = £10 off,

2 entries = £20 off each,  

3 entries will each get £30 and so on

Where 9 or more enter, all will get fully reimbursed up to a max. of £98 per entry which means they will each get to enter for free.

To avail of this overseas deal, entries must be paid in full by 03/03/14, depending on the amount of entries from each country Hartley Boats will refund the corresponding amount in Weymouth to each participant from that country.   

Intentions to enter can now be sent to Steve Collins the UKWA racing secretary at racing@wayfarer.org.uk. Please include your sail number and home club. Knowing  how many intend to enter will help us to organize the event more efficiently and may also help us to attract sponsors.

 Please circulate this message to other Wayfarer sailors in your area,

Thank you,   


UKWA Irish & Marketing representative.